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The media club trek in NEPAL becomes a race against time.


Jeff Caldwell never expected the club's mountain mission to take such a dangerous turn. Why did their deep desire to help two needy children create such fierce opposition? Would they be able to hide from their pursuer along the narrow and treacherous Himalayan trails?


Determined to finish their mission, Jeff and the "Reel Kids" must survive threats even greater than exhaustion, sickness, and Nepal's bitter cold. Could their faith move mountains?


There's never a dull moment when the Reel Kids media club takes on swollen rivers, dense jungles, and rugged mountains to film the fascinating faces and places that need the gospel. Jeff, Mindy, and K.J. experience the heart of cultures around the world as they meet intriguing new friends on their action-packed global adventures.


Each well-researched, exciting story is set in a different country, so children (ages 9-14) not only experience a page-turning adventure but also learn about the people, culture, or history of the nation in which the story takes place. A meaningful series of missionary challenge for young readers who enjoy action!

The Himalayan Rescue

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