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Connection Center



Congratulations to any recent DTS Graduates. We want to provide you with practical resources to help you continue your journey of transforming the marketplace and the nations. Please carefully look at the information

below. Consider joining our community which is committed to extending God’s kingdom everywhere.


We want you help you continue your DTS experience whether you are continuing home or staying in

YWAM. This experience doesn’t have to end.


Please browse this website for tools and resources that will help you.


Sign up now to be an active member of our community to impacting your world.

Here are three keys 
to stay on fire.




Become part of our Vision & Purpose community and stay connected with other YWAM alumni to build the kingdom of God. Don’t miss our Fresh Faith Friday broadcast available the last Friday of each month (sign up on Facebook - Vision & Purpose Community)


Find Your Family or Team

Wherever you land after YWAM, gather with others (at least one) who are passionate about God’s heart and will encourage each other to walk together through life’s challenges.

Check out all the resources available on this site. You can get over 100 great teaching videos and interviews of YWAM’s most powerful teachers. Use the DTC Package to run a mini-DTS at your church. You can use Hero Makers to do one-on-one discipleship (59 minutes a week/52 weeks.


Launch a New Mission

Your adventure hasn’t ended. God is still calling you to reach the lost, disciple the
church and change the world. We can help you with ministry programs you and your family can use to jump start your next mission. Please consider joining one of our city action teams.

YWAM Second Wave.png


After your DTS graduation, you will get on a plane and re-enter into the environment
and life you had before. We promise you will be in some shock. Follow the guidelines
below and follow the acrostic spelling out RE-ENTRY and the principles.


R eflect - Put everything you did in perspective of a 10-year long-term vision.
E valuate- Clarify and declare the next step God has given before you return home.
E nter - Host a Mini-Night of Missions for your family and friends (guide below)
Prepare for shock, rejection, depression. SIT at the feet of Jesus daily.
N urture - Apply the principles you learned in DTS with family, local church, friends,
and finances.

T rials - Don’t try to maintain the high emotion you had. RENEW your mind daily.
R epent - Stay in a place of repentance, learning, humility and forgiveness.
Y ield - Continue to yield your rights, life purpose, vocation, spouse and life purpose.

MINI-NIGHT OF MISSIONS (evening guide)

When you return home, don’t be shocked if your family and friends aren’t that
interested in all that you experienced in your DTS.

The answer is simple. Have someone you know host a living room gathering at their
house or even yours and invite as many as you desire. As a result, the caring people
attending your meeting will be the ones who share what they heard to others.

(suggested evening schedule)
Dessert and drinks (20 minutes)
Short worship (10 minutes - (if you have someone to do it)
Share some of your stories (20 minutes)
Show your outreach video (5 minutes)
Ask if there are any questions. (10 minutes)
Prayer and close - make some YWAM literature available on DTS

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