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Take the challenge. Catch a vision. Change the world.

Mountains and Glaciers

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On the last Friday of every month, we feature a world-shaking visionary. 

(Sessions will be joined via livestream video in a Facebook group.)


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(Sessions will be joined via livestream video

in a Facebook group.)

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The last Friday of each month

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I've spent decades with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) mentoring and training others as they changed the world.


“Dave Gustaveson, a veteran pastor and leader in YWAM, understands discipleship for individuals and groups more than any person I know. He is a great resource for anyone wanting real mentoring on what it means to make disciples.”


Dean Sherman, international speaker & teacher 

Meet Your Host

Image by Johann Siemens

Each month, we’ll interview one global YWAM visionary who will make you laugh, cry and discover new ideas that will transform you and your vision.


You'll hear life-changing stories from people just like you who have struggled with fear, failure and doubt. But they pushed through resistance to fulfill God’s vision.


They'll share their stories and give you practical wisdom to help you discover your purpose and fan the flame in your heart.

Prepare to be encouraged, inspired, equipped, and launched!

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