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Don’t stop now! There is much more to learn. That is why we have put together the Mastermind Creative Writing Workshop for Kids.

Congratulations! If you take the next step, you and your kids will join the Creative Writing Alumni Family. 


Here’s what your kids will accomplish in the Mastermind Workshop.


• They will learn everything from A - Z about creative writing.

• They will get a Mastermind Notebook as a lifetime resource.

• The will accomplish this in three fun and interactive Saturdays.

• They will be far ahead of their class in writing skills.


How long will it take?


• These Units are 2 hours each (four exciting 30 minute sessions).

• Kids can have refreshments and make friends with each other.


What is the cost?


• The live workshops: Full Value of $297

• Our offer is only $137, which includes books and bonuses.

• This includes Dave’s 10 book Adventure series ($77 value).

• This discounts the workshop to $60 (only $20 per Saturday).


This includes these bonuses if you register before deadline.


• Self-editing pages in each of the (3) Units ($47 value).

• 55 pages of Mastermind Worksheets ($47 value).

• All ten books personally autographed by author ($77 value).

• Free Shipping is included. ($10 value).


  • Your kids will learn writing skills NOT taught in school. (creative writing, not correct writing only).


  • You can win PRIZES each week including Amazon gift cards and Dave’s Reel Kids Adventure books.


  • After three 35-minute sessions, your kids will gain a new passion for writing making them better equipped.


  • When you participate with your kids in this 3 Day Challenge, you will experience a lasting family bond.

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Unit 1
(2 Hours - Four 30 minute sessions)
$47 for Unit 1
February 6 (10 a.m. PDT)
In Unit 1, you will accomplish:  

MASTER the Five Exciting Elements of a Story (Quick Review) 

LEARN Secrets to Developing Powerful Plots

DISCOVER the Various Types (2) and Categories of Plots (20)

LEARN How to Plot using Clusters

LEARN How to Create Suspense using Tension

UNDERSTAND Character Tags, Profiles and Descriptions

HOW to Get the Right Amount of Characters Using Triangles

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Unit 2
(2 Hours - Four 30 minute sessions)
$47 for Unit 2
February 13 (10 a.m. PDT)
In Unit 2, you will accomplish:

LEARN to Develop a Colorful Character in an Action Scene


WRITE Great Dialogue and Conversation for Your Characters

CREATE Effective Interior Dialogue (in your head)

DESIGN Gripping Scenes: Show, Don’t Tell

DEVELOP a Powerful and Transforming Moral Structure

UNDERSTAND Beginnings, Middles and Ends

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Unit 3
(2 Hours - Four 30 minute sessions)
$47 for Unit 3
February 20 (10:00 a.m. PDT)
In Unit 3, you will accomplish:

LEARN to Develop Your Favorite Character Point of View 

USE Beats for Excellent Attributions (shows who is talking)

FULLY UNDERSTAND Editing, Cutting, Wringing and Squeezing

ESTABLISH Style, Class and Proportion

LEARN the Secrets, Insights and

Summary of the Mastermind Notebook

LEARN How to Get Your Writing Published


Signed Reel Kids Adventure series (10 books)


Self-editing pages for each of the Three Units


Full Mastermind Writing Workshop for Your Kids Notes (over 50 pages)


Access to the Creative Writing Alumni Club - discounts on special events and books


Access to great discounts on 90 GREAT Books


Heroes Then and Now (60 books)


Heroes of History (30 books)

All 3 Units, Dave's Books and Bonuses 
Only $137

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