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Thanks for taking the next step in helping your kids and yourself develop new creative writing skills. You just need to do a couple quick things.

1. Pay the $17 which will enable you to register. If you can't afford the full $17, pay what you can. If some of you can give more to help others, then we’ll start our experience together with generosity. You can have as many kids in your family participate as you'd like, though if you gather a group, we suggest you pay more, if you can afford it.


2. After completing your order, CLICK the RED BUTTON at the bottom of this page, so you can learn final details to join our Crushing Creative Writing Facebook group. This is where all the fun will happen as we will link Zoom and Facebook Live to connect, learn and share together


I can’t wait to meet many of your family members. I’ll be sending you emails during the 3-day Challenge and going on Facebook live a couple times. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Select an item ($)
Here is what you get!
  • Learn writing skills not taught in school

  • Discover the 5 elements of a story

  • Learn the secret to dynamic plotting

  • Discover how to add tension to a story

  • Learn how to create dynamic dialogue

  • Discover the secrets to creating conflict

  • Dynamic workshops with interaction

  • Questions and answers with me

  • Meet other best-selling authors

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