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If your kids spend 35 minutes for three days with Dave Gustaveson, best-selling author, he promises to greatly enhance their creative writing skills, even if they struggle with English or grammar. They could become the best writers in their classes.

Mountains and Glaciers

"I have been a home school mom for fifteen years and this is by far the best writing class that my kids have ever taken. After taking Dave's class, my girls feel confident and excited to write.


This has launched them to be great writers in high school, college and the rest of their lives. Dave is amazing with kids on Zoom, and he creates a safe environment for them to grow and become incredible writers."  


Kendra Sawatsky, Homeschool Mom, August 2020

THREE DAYS - MARCH 29 to 31 (35 min. each)
10:00 a.m. PDT, 11 Mountain, 12 p.m. Central, 1 p.m. Eastern

(PRIZES given away each day for parents and kids)


  • Your kids will learn writing skills NOT taught in school. (creative writing, not correct writing only).


  • You can win PRIZES each week including Amazon gift cards and Dave’s Reel Kids Adventure books.


  • After three 35-minute sessions, your kids will gain a new passion for writing making them better equipped.


  • When you participate with your kids in this 3 Day Challenge, you will experience a lasting family bond.

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How much will it cost? 

We have a “whatever you can afford” policy from $1 and up.


The suggested fee of $17 covers my marketing costs.


If you can’t afford it, pay whatever.

If some of you can pay more to cover other kids, that would be great.


The cost is per view, not per child. 


If you gather a group, we suggest you pay more.


Anything helps us, since I am a full-time volunteer with YWAM. 

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How many years have you offered the workshop?  

Since 1996, I’ve been blessed to present this Creative Writing Workshop to hundreds of schools and thousands of kids ages 7-15 across America.

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Here's What You’ll Accomplish

• A new passion for writing that will last your kids a lifetime

• Learn writing skills not taught in school (creative writing)

• Discover secrets enabling you to crush school papers

• Grasp ideas like plotting, tension, dialogue and more

• Enjoy the workshop with interaction, fun and learning

• Gain valuable insights from other best-selling authors

• Experience personal question and answer times with Dave

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