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Mountains and Glaciers

“Dave Gustaveson, a veteran pastor and leader in YWAM, understands discipleship for individuals and groups more than any person I know. He is a great resource for anyone wanting real mentoring on what it means to make disciples.”

Dean Sherman, Int. Speaker, pioneer of Spiritual Warfare teaching


(Join this challenge with your

executive team or whole staff)

“For years, I’ve agonized with pastors and leaders who are frustrated with old wineskins. They’re tired of babysitting a stagnant audience and want to coach and lead a transformed army.”


Dave Gustaveson, former pastor and YWAM leader


From this 4-day challenge, transform your church from an Audience 2 Army by immediately implementing new, fun, innovative, creative and tested wineskins.

In four 59 minute sessions, you will:  

  • Learn how you can streamline your work hours to spend fun and quality time with family and friends.

  • Take steps to transform your church into a local and global force.

  • Implement strategies that can transform your small groups into dynamic ministry teams. (grow (1) group into (16) in four years with depth and covenant love). 

  • ​Implement Hero Makers Discipleship Course (one-on-one) to make real disciple makers.

  • ​​Take action to transform weekend gatherings into events that train, equip, mobilize and celebrate. 

  • ​Establish a mercy ministry strategy to help your small groups take action to begin ending local poverty now.

How much will it cost? 

The first Day is totally free 

If you want to continue the challenge the ticket costs just $17

How many years have you taught leadership and disciple making?

Since 1970, I’ve been involved in training, equipping and mobilizing thousands into effective teams for churches and the mission field.

Here's What You’ll Accomplish

• Spend more quality and quantity time with family while growing an army.

• Enjoy changes making you into an apostolic coach, not a baby sitter.

• Discover post-Covid 19 transformative new wineskins to bring real change.

• Transform your church into a impacting local, national and global force.

• Implement changes to transform small groups into dynamic ministry teams.

• Lead your house churches into teams that begin to end local poverty now.

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